Why Grand Chasse?

Fully managed hosting

Our fully managed, database-as-a-service makes it easy for developers to run one, or hundreds, of databases without the hassle and complexity of managing database operations. Get peace of mind with standard, production-grade high-availability, auto-failover, autoscaling, encryption, and more.

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Depending on the database, we track either storage or RAM and automatically detect when your database needs more, adding appropriate bundles of either. Or you can take control yourself and manually add capacity in anticipation of traffic. With Grand Chasse, you databases always have the resources they need to scale.


Amazingly responsive

Grand Chasse deployments are built around high availability configurations with multiple nodes spread over local zones, ready to step in in the event of failure. Access portals are also redundantly provisioned to provide a second layer of failover. Daily, weekly, and monthly backups are included, too, without affecting your database performance.